ProRend Colourtex System - Exterior Painting Alternative

ProRend is a premium product range of External Render Finishes and Basecoats.

This product is a great alternative to exterior painting for your property and is available in a broad range of colours and textures.

Gary Charles Plastering are approved applicators of the ProRend System.


The ProRend Range

The range consists of 3 finishes – Colour, Colourtex and Mineraltex


ProRend Colour is a silicone monocouche render. This premium product contains through-colour render and provides a mineral finish for masonry type substrates. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish.

Prorend Colour - External Plastering Solutions Isle of Wight


ProRend Colourtex is a silicone resin thin-coat render. This premium finish is available in a wide range of colours with increased colour fastness. We can even match your own unique colour for you! It is suitable for application onto the widest range of substrates with an appropriate ProRend basecoat and is available in 2 textured finishes: Uniform 1.5mm and Grained 3mm.

ProRend Colourtex


ProRend Mineraltex is a mineral thin-coat render. This premium through-colour render provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates and has an 2mm uniform finish.













Isle of Wight Plasterer - We give a 10 Year ProRend Guarantee + an additional 5 year promise


Exclusive Offer:  Gary Charles Plastering offers an additional 5 yr guarantee on top of the manufacturers 10 yr promise, reflecting the quality and durability of the premier ProRend system. 


 Low Maintenance Exteriors Isle of WightBenefits:

  • Low maintenance, reduced ongoing exterior maintenance costs compared to those usually incurred with property ownership.
  • Fast application, just 1 day in best weather conditions.
  • Wide range of colours and increased colour fastness.
  • Fresh look easily maintained by power-washing to clean organic material and dirt.
  • Highly water resistant finish due to silicone properties that will protect the exterior of any property – particularly useful for sea facing properties on the island.
  • Reduced risk of cracking compared to other monocouche renders or traditional sand and cement finishes.
  • Reduced dust generated during the mix process.


If you are looking to refresh the exterior of your property, contact us today to find out more about ProRend.